TS-4 is an electro-mechanical stainless steel tripod barrier. It composed primarily of an external casing, internal gears, tripod hub and arms. TS-4 is designed to be rigid and strong to ensure high vandal resistance.

The design of the TS-4 tripod barriers allows for the installation of a row of turnstiles. It is particularly suitable for high traffic areas within the view of reception or security personnel. It can be equipped with Access Control System; allowing access only for people with appropriate access right.

  • Low maintenance cost. Uses mechanical drive unit instead of expensive electric motor.
  • Bi-directional. User can enter and exit using the same tripod barrier.
  • Build-in auto-lock allow one person at a time.
  • Build-in LED. To indicate direction of entry/ exit.
  • Weather protection (suitable for indoor as well as shaded outdoor).
Tripod Barrier: TS-4

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